Colonial Equestrian Center

Colonial Equestrian Center
2213 County Road 447
Princeton, Texas 75407
(972) 734- 2087

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Just A Dog

Don't ever call him, "just a dog."
Who haven't the eyes to see 
That I belong to him as much 
As he belongs to me 
God must have had His reasons 
For making the likes of him 
And I humbly hope with all my heart 
...that I was one of them 
The years have dulled his russet color 
And his vision is getting dim 
And he walks with a limp when the days are cold 
Cause the dampness gets to him 
He's not as young as he used to be 
And his whiskers are frosted white 
But he wags his tail as if to say "You see, I'm still alright." 
I cut his food in bite size chunks 
And he gives me a toothless grin 
Trusting in my love for him 
Whatever shape he's in 
He has accepted growing old 
The way men cannot do 
And I'm not ashamed to say he's taught 
Me more than a thing or two 
So, don't ever call him "just a dog" 
Unless you are prepared 
To match his steadfast loyalty 
To care the way he's cared 
For many the sad offenses 
Committed in love's name

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