Colonial Equestrian Center

Colonial Equestrian Center
2213 County Road 447
Princeton, Texas 75407
(972) 734- 2087

Featured Riders

 "I started riding with Laurie almost twenty years ago. She has been such an inspiration to my life. It was a hard road in the beginning for me. I fell off too many times to count....sometimes more than once in a lesson, and had a slightly stubborn first horse that used to push my buttons. So many times I became frustrated but Laurie helped me get through those times with kindness and patience. Years later I have chosen to become a trainer hopes that I can inspire children like she has. I am dedicated to being kind, honest, and hardworking among other things - all qualities that Laurie showed me from the minute I set foot in the barn. She has inspired me to be a true horsewoman and to help others with the same."

 "I have only been riding for two years, but have fallen in love with Colonial   Equestrian Center due to Laurie's encouragement! Going to new barns is one of   the scariest things, but when I came here I felt like it was meant for me. I board a beautiful mare here and she is SO well taken care of! Laurie and Philippe have helped me in every way to keep going and doing what I love!"
"Throughout my years in college, I have been told to not go back to the barn that you were at before college. However, I have not regretted my decision to go back to Colonial Equestrian Center during the summer. I always get opportunities to ride new horses and everyone has been very kind to me. Laurie has helped me with horses that others had given up on and always recommended me to her friends that need someone to ride their horses. Laurie and Philippe work very hard to make the barn run smoothly and I would trust any animal with them. Every other barn is inferior compared to Colonial Equestrian Center. The compassion and loyalty that the both of them have showed me will always be with me. I could not have asked for a better trainer and barn manager.
"I have ridden with Laurie for many years. She is the best riding instructor you can imagine. I practically live out here and I would never leave for anything! I used to be shy around all the other kids, but Laurie is so caring and encouraging that she really made me comfortable with her, and being at her barn. I really love Laurie and owe everything I know about horses and riding to her."
My name is Elizabeth, I am 20 years old and I have been riding with Laurie for the past 16 years of my life. There are no words whatsoever to describe how compassionate Laurie is about her true love, horses. When I met Laurie, it was 16 years ago after my father passed and she did not hesitate to take me in as her student thinking that I would only be there for a couple of months. 20 year’s later I am still with her and I could not have asked for a better trainer. Laurie is very kind and driven in her training. She is the kind of instructor you WANT your child to have when they first start riding. She is patient and kind, and most of all loving. She takes so much of her time and invest it into her students. Not only did I become a great rider from her, she has taught be many life lessons and I could not have asked for a better teacher. Growing up, horseback riding was my get away when I was down, and Laurie was right there to catch me and to uplift me while I was doing what I loved. She embraced that passion I have for riding and constantly motivated me to do better in my riding and never gave up on me even when I was having a bad riding day. There is so much more I can write on why Laurie is the best trainer but I’ll keep it short. If you’re looking for a place for your child to start their love of horses, this is it. Come to Colonial Equestrian Center, it will honestly be the BEST decision you have ever made.
"I like the barn because I love riding horses. My favorite horse is Nick and I have been riding for three years. I have learned to groom the horses and take care of the tack. Laurie is a great teacher."
"I love all the horses out here because they are nice and have fun with them. I love the way Laurie teaches and I have learned a lot from her."
"I have been riding with Laurie for 6 years now. She has taught me everything I need to know about horses from grooming to jumping. I love hanging out with all my friends at the barn, we are like a big family. Laurie has helped us train out young horse to jump. Both of our horses receive all the attention and love they need to lead a full and happy life. I love Colonial Equestrian Center!"           
“I’ve been riding for seven years at several other stables and after my first lesson here, I knew this was my favorite!  It’s like my 2nd home – everyone feel’s like family. The other riders cheer for and support each other.   Laurie is an excellent instructor – she’s cool as a cucumber and patient with everyone.  Philippe, her husband, takes great care of our horses & is a funny Frenchmen.  Laurie even went with me to Houston to help me find and buy my first horse Tux!  I love riding at Colonial Equestrian Center!”
"I love Colonial Equestrian Center because… Laurie and Phillipe are awesome and their pets are so sweet. All the boarders are a great group and a bunch of MY friends are there, and well… everything is … well great."            

I like Colonial Equestrian Center because everybody is so kind. I know my horse is in good hands when Philippe and Laurie are taking care of her. They understand the horses so well. Laurie is a great instructor. I have learned so much from her in the past two and a half years about riding and taking care of horses. I like to help in the barn even on days when I can’t ride. I always love to hear the friendly hello from Laurie and Philippe.

I have only been riding with Laurie for a year, since I moved here to Texas from Virginia. As soon as I started riding at C.E.C., I knew that I would love it. Everyone at the barn is like a big family and they are all so welcoming to new riders. I've met great people here and Laurie and Philippe are the nicest people ever. I love spending time at the barn and the horses are so well taken care of. In my year of riding here, I've learned so much more about horses and riding. Colonial Equestrian Center is an amazing place with amazing owners. I love it here!           
I have been riding at for about 11 years and of those 5 years have been at Colonial Equestrian center . The first night I came out to the barn to “check it out” it was a boarder lesson. Theses girls were crazy! Or so I thought, now however they are like my family. Everyone out at the barn has an open heart to just about everyone. Laurie is like my second mother, she is always there for any of the girls and we all know it. The best thing about colonial equestrian center is the fact that the barn is like home. Laurie and Phillipe know how to take care of each and every horse just like they are their own. When I first came to the barn I had my thoroughbred there and I knew that as long as he was there he was safe.
I started riding at Colonial Equestrian Center when I was six at summer camps. I used to look forward to that week all year. I am now eleven and have taken riding lessons for several years. I also board my own horse, Frazier, with Colonial Equestrian. It is a dream come true. I am doing what I love and Laurie at Colonial makes that possible. I have won several ribbons in competition. I am shy but riding has allowed me to be myself and grow in confidence. I am doing what I love.
I have been riding at Colonial Equestrian Center for eight years and three of those eight were at summer camp. I loved it so much that I wanted to start taking lessons. I have learned so much from riding at CEC. I lease a beautiful horse named Josh, even though I do not fully own him it still fells like I do. I also know that Laurie and Philippe will take great care of him just like they do for all the other horses. Out at the barn feels like my little get away. Some people like the beach, but the barn is my beach. It is so peaceful out there. I have a bunch of friends out at the barn. We are very close. It feels like we have know each other for what feels like forever. It you are looking for a place to call your second home Colonial Equestrian Center is the right place.
I have been riding at Colonial Equestrian since I was 9, I’m now 17 and Laurie and Philippe never fail to teach me new things every day. When I first started taking lessons with Laurie, I was a scared and timid rider. Through Laurie’s guidance I’ve successfully become a confident rider, ready for any challenge presented to me. In my time at Colonial I’ve been lucky enough to purchase two AMAZING horses from CEC that have made me the rider I am today. Laurie and Phillipe have become a second family to me.  I’m always excited to go to the barn, ride the amazing horses Laurie has to offer, and continue to grow as a rider and a person. 
I have been riding with Laurie since I was 4 years old. Her horses are the best. She has taught me so much in the 8 years we have been here. We are like a family here and all enjoy supporting each other and helping each other grow. Laurie is patient and kind with her riders and her horses are the same! I love it here!

I have been riding with Ms. Laurie for about 8 years. I have learned so much at Colonial Equestrian Center. Many times, when I started to get frustrated or I think I can't do something. she always gets me back to believing in myself I have amazing memories with all the horses and people I have met since coming to CEC. Ms. Laurie is also the reason I now have my cream horse. but she has also helped me get used to other horses. It's just so much fun to just have a place I can call home. The horses and the people are all amazing, I truly have made a family there.
I am 8 years old and have been riding with Ms. Laurie for about two years now. The first time I visited Colonial Equestrian Center, I knew that it was the place that I wanted to ride. Ms. Laurie helped me find my pony, Ranger, who I board there now. I know that he is well taken care of and loves staying there.We are basically one big family. I have so many nice friends at CEC who are not just friends, but helpers too. I feel like I have accomplished so much from my riding experience there. Learning to ride with Ms. Laurie has been so much fun! I attended a lot of horse shows last year and ended up winning two year end awards in my first year of showing. I can't wait to see what the future brings. All of the people, and the animals have been so kind to me. I feel like I have learned so many things and special techniques about riding and I have also learned how to take good care of my horse.You should definitely join the CEC family!

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